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18 July 2024
Fight fight fight: new super profitable card in Hamster Kombat! Purchase requirements and profit per hour

Record profit at level 1!

Another new card, you think? Friends, this is an incredibly profitable card.

It is called Fight fight fight and is located in Specials - New cards.

And for many, it will probably be locked.

It's called Fight fight fight and is in Specials


But what do you need to buy this card?

17 July 2024
Short Squeeze in Hamster Kombat: pass card to Margin Trading x75, Margin Trading x100 and Apple Appstore Launch

My midnight friends!

For 3 referrals in Hamster you can buy as many as 2 cards in the Specials section: USDT on TON and Short Squeeze.

The Short Squeeze card gives 1k profit per hour at level 1. And at level 2 - already 2.07k.

17 July 2024
Hamster Kombat combo today July 17: new Apple Appstore Launch card

Friends, the new daily combo in Hamster Kombat today, as always, rebooted at exactly 15.00 Moscow time. Even despite the night and morning Hamster failure on Sunday! 

Hamster Kombat: new card combo today July 17

I post the screenshot and names of the cards here and in the Telegram channel Contorra EN

17 July 2024
Apple App Store Launch aka HamsterStore Launch: new card in Hamster Kombat! How much profit per hour does it give?

Apple Appstore Launch - Specials, New cards

Friends, a new card has appeared in the Specials section of the game Hamster Kombat.

It’s called Apple Appstore Launch.

It's called Apple Appstore Launch

The description of the card reads: 

It’s time to enter a new market

Launching an application in the App Store is a very difficult task, but together we can manage

16 July 2024
Destiny not working today? Destiny 2 servers down and patch

Destiny servers are down today?

Friends, this evening the service is recording many complaints about problems with access to the online shooter Destiny . 

Destiny is a multiplayer online role-playing first-person shooter for game consoles. Destiny is developed by Bungie and published by Activision.

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