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Website redesign for medical center Armed, Sochi

Home page design: MC Armed

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Armed medical center in Sochi, Russia uses advanced medical equipment from the world's leading manufacturers: Avanto (Siemens) - magnetic resonance tomograph; Sensation Cardiac - spiral CT scanner. The medical center also has its own clinical diagnostic lab which is equipped with Diagnostica Stargo, Roche-Hitachi, Sysmex, Awareness Technology, Bio-Rad. This allows complete and thorough lab checks of the human body.

The main objective of the center is improving and maintaining people's health. And now, having an ultra-modern responsve website with a unique design from Contorra Family at their disposal, Armed team will hopefully deal with this hard task with more wit, grace and power. You better be healthy, everyone!

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Yekaterina KHOKHLOVA
Project manager
Client manager