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Polina Makova, women's clothing brand (naming and identity)

For a designer of women's clothing (medium price segment) we have developed a brand name Polina Makova, logo and some elements of corporate identity (price tag and label for clothes). Why Polina Makova? Because in the course of brainstorming, we came to the image of a girl in a field of blooming poppies («pole makov» = «poppy field» in Russian). Why poppies? Because it is beautiful, sincere, slim and desperately feminine flower. Special thanks to Claude Monet, by the way.  

Polina Makova: logo

Polina Makova: price tag

Polina Makova: label on clothes

Project team: 
Yekaterina KHOKHLOVA
Project manager
Aleksandr TIKHONOV
Art director