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Shans, real estate agency in Sochi (official website)

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Website for Shans Realty is one of the first Drupal sites in Russia with search and sorting of property objects. We also implemented auto import from "Ideal Variant", a popular property base in Southern Russia and Ukraine

Drupal version: 6.22. Modules used: Administration menu, Backup and Migrate, DHTML Menu, Feedback, Front Page, Google Analytics, IMCE, IMCE Wysiwyg bridge, Menu Breadcrumb, Nodewords: D6 Meta Tags, Pathauto, Printer, email and PDF versions, Tagadelic, TinyMCE, Views, Wysiwyg.

Project team: 
Yekaterina KHOKHLOVA
Project manager
Drupal developer
Aleksandr TIKHONOV
Client manager