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Planeta, tour agency in Sochi (official website)

Planeta tour agency: home page, first screen, iMac mockup

Planeta tour agency: whole main page + object (hotel) page

Planeta tour agency: Sochi holiday hotels

We developed a website for Planeta, one of the oldest tour agencies in Sochi. With geo search, ABC hotel sorting and a huge base of Southern Russia hotels: Sochi, Tuapse, Anapa, Minvody. Hotels listed by price, stars and additional free services & facilities: outdoor pool, wi-fi, laundry, babysitter etc. 

Drupal version: 6.16. Modules: Administration menu, Better Exposed Filters, Block edit, Calendar, Content, Construction Kit (CCK), Chaos tool suite (ctools), Custom Breadcrumbs, Date, Devel, Theme developer, DHTML Menu, Duration, Frequently Asked Questions, FAQ_Ask, FileField, Glossary, Google Analytics, Hansel breadcrumbs, Internationalization, Image, ImageCache, ImageField, IMCE, Javascript Tools, Localization client, Link, Menu block, Menu Breadcrumb, NodeReferrer, Nodewords: D6 Meta Tags, Node breadcrumb, Node export, Office Hours, Panels, Pathauto, Popups API (Ajax Dialogs), Printer, email and PDF versions, Quick Tabs, Schema, Shadowbox, Similar By Terms, Simplenews, Statistics, Tabs (jQuery UI tabs), Taxonomy Breadcrumb, Taxonomy CSV import/export, Taxonomy Image, Taxonomy List, Taxonomy Manager, Taxonomy menu, TinyMCE, Tiny Tiny MCE, Table Wizard, Views, Webform, Web Links, World Clock, XML sitemap.

Project team: 
Yekaterina KHOKHLOVA
Project manager
Drupal developer
Drupal developer
Aleksandr TIKHONOV
Client manager