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Pay-per-click (PPC)

Pay-per-click (PPC) - is an internet advertising displayed by users depending on their search queries. That is, if your ad is correct, and you made a good list of queries, your PPC campaign has every chance to be most efficient - you show ads only to searchers who are already interested in your product/service/company. But! It's the most expensive type of internet advertising. A click on your ad may cost up to several bucks - depending on the query. So, to optimise expenses and not to waste money, you need to select the right region, keywords, time of the day and, of course, - The Text.

What now?

  1. Send us your request
  2. We'll do a free report on your campaign(if you tried PPC advertising already) and your sitea
  3. We'll offer you best options for your budget and goals

How fast?

One can launch a PPC campaign within 1 hour.

But on average it takes 2-3 days to to analyse the site, write clickable text ads and make the right queries.

How much?

We deal with PPC budgets of 100+ USD per month
We take a fair share of 10-20% per campaign.

What services are included in a PPC campaign management?

  • client's site analysis
  • competitors' activity analysis
  • making a list of right search queries
  • writing clickable text ads
  • preparing landing pages - that will open when someone clicks your ad
  • permanent monitoring of targeting efficiency (so that your site visitors would be your target audience)
  • permanent monitoring of campaign efficiency and updating ads
  • campaign analysis and optimization
Что мы делаем?

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