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A medical website structure (gynecology clinic)

Recently I made an analysis for a U.S. customer who wanted a website for his gynecology clinic. It turned out to be quite thorough so I decided to share it with all of you, content hunters. 

Main menu:

  • Home
  • About >
  1. History
  2. Doctors (or Staff, or Team)
  3. Advantages
  4. Press
  • Services >
  1. Birth Center
  2. Prenatal Care
  3. Labor & Birth
  4. Postpartum Care
  5. Health Tourism
  6. Gynecology
  7. Procedures
  8. Boutique*
  • Patient Info >
  1. FAQ
  2. Supplies for Birth
  3. Patient Requirements
  • Prices
  • Testimonials 
  • Gallery
  • News & Events
  • Blog
  • Contact**

*We suggest a breastfeeding boutique as one of possible center's facilities and one more income channel. You will find more information on it below.

**Odd numbers of menu items (like 9) are always better than even numbers - we humans percept it as complete rows of items in a website interface.



A brief welcoming text in the 1st / 2nd screen is preferable. Such as: If you are looking for a better place to have your baby, you have come to the right place. well, you know better what to place here. 



One of the most important pages. Should consist of blocks / areas / paragraphs / buttons most crucial for overall perception of the company. We suggest: 

  • a little history + philosophy / mission
  • info on Dr. #1 + the key doctors
  • services (as blocks / banners)
  • big numbers area - showing your successes and experience (X years of practice, Y patients, Z awards…)

As an option for this area, we suggest some infographics displaying your knowledge of the current situation / facts and your successful practice over the years. For instance, 25 years of practice in LA, 350 happy moms gave birth, 450 healthy babies delivered, etc. 

Infographics on Lucina Maternity
Lucina Maternity


Big numbers area on Contorra


Doctors / Staff / Team

Dr. #1's photo, bio and awards are a MUST. May come close to a call-to-action message or a slogan. 

Doctor info on Avenir Clinic (Dr. Alain Methot)
Avenir Clinic

The more doctors - with photos and bios - you provide, the more serious your institution will look. 

Dr. James Byrne's info block on Lucina Maternity
Lucina Maternity

Not only doctors should be mentioned here. Please visit Bay Area Birth Center - they created separate pages for all employees. Every employee deserves attention: users should see your company as kind, decent and attentive. Like you treat doctors and non-medic employees with the same attitude. 

Mary Cunningham, Office Manager at Bay Area Birth Center
Bay Area Birth Center

We don't insist on that but all key doctors definitely deserve separate pages. Supporting staff can be displayed with blocks / cards on Staff page. Take a look at West Houston Birth Center. 

Kelsey Zuchlewski - Front Desk / Birth Assistant
West Houston Birth Center



What are your healthcare center's key advantages? We need them all here. Also need a Facebook feed box, Opt-in to newsletter from every website page, Testimonials book - "thank you doctor for my baby", etc.



Publications about your company / doctors in the media. Please visit Clinicas Vicario (Spanish)

Press section at Clinicas Vicario
Clinicas Vicario

Videos from your Youtube channel can be a separate subsection - not to mix up with the rest of content here. Link to your Youtube channel is mandatory (can be part of social media icon set). You should create and maintain Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram accounts, too. Just like Dr. Michaels (look at upper right corner of his website's 1st screen)

Social icons set at Dr. Michaels
Dr. Michaels



To create a comprehensive service page and ensure satisfactory user experience we need to describe the service thoroughly and provide secondary links / blocks / buttons in the same screen with the main content. Please visit Wellmed (it's in Polish, sorry)

Gynecology page at Wellmed

Secondary items in your case could be: 

  • brief webform - to come handy when user is convinced and ready to contact you
  • big numbers section
  • links to other services - as users tend to change interest while surfing


Birth Center

General clinic info should be here. We should impress your audience with something reliable and well-established. Some history and a block with doctors (photos, names, titles) would be relevant here. The celebrity birth stories and their feedback could be a part of this page, too.

Birth Center's suggested subsections are: 

  • Prenatal Care
  • Labor & Birth
  • Postpartum Care

On their content - we rely on your experience here. Almost all birth doctors have these pages. As for their structure - we think you should follow the same rules as for all Service pages (such as Gynecology). Common sense goes a long way.


Breastfeeding Boutique

We saw one at Special Beginnings and we liked the idea. 

Breastfeeding Boutique at Special Beginnings
Special Beginnings

P.S. It may not be a subsection of Services but a separate menu item. Up to you.


Patient Info

May include: 

  • FAQ (and we insist on that)
  • Supplies for Birth
  • Patient Requirements
  • Docs to Download

FAQ answers to common patients' questions and breaks myths. The other subsections are pretty much up to you but we insist on at least considering them. Please visit Birthing Center of Buffalo for more info.



Should contain a table or series of tables with comprehensible and easy-to-read rows of prices.



May contain at least 3 testimonials from 3 different individuals / couples, preferably from different states / countries, of different background / age / gender / origin, with different cases / diseases - to capture maximum audience. 



May contain photo and video albums. They could be divided like this: Facilities, Doctors + Patients, Interiors, Events. Please visit A Birth Center for Interior album. The look and feel of that section is awful, however; for a modern look and feel please visit Adriano Hotels website.

Photo gallery at Adriano Hotels
Adriano Hotels


News & Events

May contain upcoming events and news in the company or in the whole industry. Should have classic and thorough look, like at Lucina Maternity. 

Recent News section at Lucina Maternity
Lucina Maternity



May contain blog posts of non-medic topics - such as smiling photos with cured patients, season's greetings, alerts and warnings - with scientific articles. When a scientific issue gets any exposure in the media we'll paste the link to the source into the relevant article(s) AND to the Press page in About section. To release the website we need several posts & articles: 7-8 or more. Generally, the more unique content pages you have on the website, the better it is for SE rankings and visitor traffic as they'll respond various search queries relevant to your services / activities / practice / experience. 

We advise creating more humble and down-to-earth posts on mundane topics such as kids' drawings, moms' big thanks to staff, etc. At Great Expectations you will find one of such posts. Commenting option in the Blog should be enabled (post-moderation will allow to avoid spam).

We also suggest Success Stories as one of the Blog's categories. Please visit Brooklyn Birthing Center and Magnolia Birth Center

Newborn Babies at Magnolia Birth Center



Should contain Google Map, webform, addresses, phones, emails, Skype. Maybe something like Avenir Clinic but more compact.

Contacts page at Avenir Clinic
Avenir Clinic 

In future, when branches in other states will appear, we will add their contacts here and put markers on Google Map. When they are too many for one page, we'll create a subsection page called Offices. 

We advise not to deal with online chat plugins as they only mock your readiness to serve patients + cover like ⅙ of average screens. You can see one at aforementioned Dr. Michaels.

Online chat plugin at Dr. Michaels
Robot repeats the same greetings every time you click the chat window.


Budget for turnkey project: responsive website with unique design

We offer these 2 options:

  • 1580 USD (home page + 2 inner page layouts)
  • 2480 USD (home page + 9 inner page layouts)*

*We suggest designing more unique layouts for some inner pages as they are very important and should bear more selling potential. We believe these pages could be: 

  • About
  • Services
  • Doctors
  • Advantages
  • Birth Center
  • Health Tourism
  • Prices
  • Gallery
  • Contact

Unique design (layout) can turn your inner pages from beautiful stylish pages into unique landing pages.
We believe it would enhance your web presence a lot. 

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12 January 2016
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