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Lentay Cafe @ Sochi city (website redesigned)

Lentay is famous for its appearance in a legendary Soviet movie. Now it has grill, bar, pastry shop, dance floor & karaoke. Yea, and since February 2015 - a total new website with Drupal 7 under the hood! 

Drupal Version: 7.31. Modules: Administration menu, Advanced help, Backup and Migrate, Block Class, CKEditor, Colorbox, Context, Chaos tool suite (CTools), Date, Devel, Display Suite, Entity API, Entity reference, Field collection, Field Group, FileField Sources, FileField Sources Plupload, Internationalization, ImageCache Actions, Image URL Formatter, IMCE, jQuery Update, Localization update, Libraries API, Link, Menu attributes, Menu block, Metatag, Module Filter, Panels, Pathauto, Plupload integration, Rules, Service links, Special menu items, Taxonomy Manager, Token, Variable, Video Embed Field, Views, Views Bulk Operations (VBO), Views Load More, Webform, Webform Ajax, Webform Hints, XML sitemap, Yandex.Maps.

Approved Lentay design, home page

Teddy doesn't need advertising

Live DJ concerts every Friday and Saturday

Any stage of being drunk - from our talented bartenders

Approved Lentay design, event calendar

Approved Lentay design, wine card

Approved Lentay design, upper submenu

Lentiay website: entire main page, working version

Project team: 
Yekaterina KHOKHLOVA
Project manager
Front-end developer