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Our vision

Almost everyone owns a website these days. Every more or less serious business owner - for sure. If you're an employee, I presume you work with your company's site from time to time. Now, if you have some time to spend on my page, let me ask you 3 serious questions:

  1. Does your website do everything it's meant to do?
  2. Is it as efficient as it should be?
  3. Does it help you make money? save money? or it plainly exists?

My name is Aleksandr Tikhonov, I live in Sochi, Russia and run a web studio called Contorra. We specialise in CMS Drupal. More than 50% of our clients already had websites but were unhappy with them. Others were unhappy with what local market can offer for a new site owner. So here we come, with solutions to those 3 questions:

  1. If your site doesn't do what it's meant to, change it or make a new one. Think of it as of an employee - would you keep one if he only does half of the job? Our Drupal sites are made as excellent e-managers - doing everything you want them to.
  2. If it's not 100% efficient, there's no reason why you shouldn't improve it ASAP. And while you're at it, why not improve it to the 'bleeding edge' - that is make Drupal's strength, flexibility and community power work for your business needs.
  3. The least your site should do is save. Many prefer it to make money. Drupal sites we make do both - powered with quality design and usability, they make people click and, what's more important, stay.

5 August 2009
Что мы делаем?

Develop convenient websites, corporate identity, succeed in SEO & SMM.