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We often hear it from customers - "We want to do something in the web, we tried this and that but no results. Our competitors seem to have all the same, and it seems to work, and ours doesn't." Or another case - "Internet? No, it's not for us".

Any kind of Internet activity, be it site development or buying CPC advertising, must have strategy and tactics, targets and tasks. A customer often thinks that he/she can create a product catalog and it'll solve the sales problem for the nearest future and he'll be able to fire all sales managers who just don't want to complete the sales plans.

Creating a product catalog is just a convenient (?) tool that displays a company's products to site visitors, and if your site won't be promoted, your target audience will find it in 2-3 years, when search engines will finally notice and display it in SERP tops.

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To make a product work in the Web you need to make sure that:

  • Prices are up-to-date and they don't go higher than offline market prices.
  • Catalog is detailed, has descriptions, pictures, tips - unique.
  • You can compare products, get additional help from online staff - preferably 24/7.
  • Catalog is at the top SERPs for relevant search queries (that is, furniture catalog - for queries like "furniture online", "order furniture" etc.)
  • Your site gives bonuses for online orders: 5% discount or free delivery, for instance.
  • Your site should collect e-mails from potential customers to be able to reach them in future regarding special offers or sales.
  • You should try to be engaged with all possible aggregators (such as Google Play, App Store, etc.)
  • If your products are meant for moms you can drag some additional audience to your catalog with a contest at First Mother Forum, and a new iPhone can be a prize at Facebook.

These are just a few points, everything depends or your tasks, targets and promotion strategy you choose.

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