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Apricot, business center (website design)

Apricot, business center - main page design (day)

Apricot, business center - main page design (night)

Apricot, business center - office plan

Apricot, business center - office booking request

Apricot, business center - about us

Apricot, business center - vacant offices

Responsive website of a business center located in the center of Sochi city, Russia. Office plans, description cards, vacancy. Day and night designs of the main page. English version. 

Drupal version: 7.23. Modules: Administration menu, Backup and Migrate, Back To Top, Better Exposed Filters, Browser class, Coder, Conditional Fields, Context, Chaos tool suite (ctools), Devel, DHTML Menu, Entity API, Field collection, Internationalization, Inline Form Errors, ImageCache Actions, Image Preloader, IMCE, IMCE Wysiwyg bridge, Localization update, Link, Menu attributes, Menu block, Metatag, Module Filter, Omega Tools, Panels, Panels Everywhere, Pathauto, Quick Tabs, Redirect, Rules, Semantic Views, Strongarm, Superfish, Taxonomy Manager, Token, Variable, Video Embed Field, Views, Views Load More, Views Slideshow, Webform, Webform Ajax, Wysiwyg, XML sitemap.

Project team: 
Yekaterina KHOKHLOVA
Project manager
Client manager